A.D. 800: Coffee is discovered

Kaldi, the legendary Ethiopian goatherd, is told to be the first to discover the marvelous coffee plant. Kaldi noticed his goats dancing from one shrub to another and acting in an obscure way. After testing the red berries on the bushes himself, he became so spirited that he did not want to sleep at night. And so, coffee was born.


1999: RoasterJack discovers coffee. Roasting, that is.

We would like to give a HUGE thanks to RoasterJack's roommate in college (He was the son to a coffee roaster) for lighting the path towards RoasterJack Coffee Co. Since 1999 RoasterJack has been on a mission to create the most unique and electrifying cup of coffee.


2001: Great Northern Roasting Company is formed in Traverse City, MI.

After a few years of perfecting the complicated roasting process, RoasterJack decided it was time to share his knowledge and tasty production with the public. And then there was Great Northern Roasting Company, located in Traverse City.


2006: Expansion into new facility with tasting room.

Due to customer demand, we opened a tasting room to allow the public to taste different types of coffee and coffee that has been brewed different ways. Now you can find a new favorite, or learn about how an old favorite is made!


2009: RoasterJack celebrates 10 years in coffee.

A lot can happen in 10 years. Hairstyles, Fashion, Music, Etc. One thing that will always remain, is coffee. Here are a few things that happened in the 10 Years for RoasterJack:

• 1 of the original 8 roasters to become a Clover Coffee Machine distributor (then muscled out of the game when starbucks bought the company that built the Clover). Here's our friend CoffeeNate with a brief video on our days with the Clover coffee brewer.

• 1st Direct Trade Coffee Roaster in Traverse City, MI

• 1st Synesso espresso machine distributor in MI.


2015: RoasterJack Coffee Co emerges from within great northern roasting.

In order for RoasterJack to be as distinctive as his coffee, he decided to stand up as RoasterJack Coffee Co. and bring his brand and brew to a whole new level of awesomeness.


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