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Founder, Roaster & Owner, Chief Janitor

RoasterJack is the captain of this coffee-driven ship. He leads his team to victory with every roast and every drop of espresso.

RoasterJack's favorite coffee choice is a Non-fat-half-caff-tripple-grande-quarter-sweet-sugar-free-vanilla-non-fat-lactaid-extra-hot-extra-foamy-caramel-macchiato. He enjoys going up in his hot air balloon every Sunday and occasional strolls to the park, where he likes to swing for hours.


Jef Brown

Head Roaster

Jef Brown is a local from Southern Maryland. He has the roasting mindset and attitude that RoasterJack needs to assist in keeping the beautiful coffee symphony humming.

Jef enjoys going for a ride in his yellow submarine, driving down Penny Lane, and getting by with a little help from his friends. Jef is also a fan of the beatles.


Brad Willcock

Customer Service & Lead Singer

Brad Willcock is part of the glue that holds this operation together! Without customer service, there are no customers... and no need to roast coffee! The smile on his face alone is enough to have people running back!

Brad's hobbies include collecting Beanie Babies, creating masterpieces on his Lite-Brite and playing his game boy while listening to his favorite Janet Jackson mix-tape.




We feel it is much more important to take our product seriously than to take ourselves seriously, therefore this info is subject to change without notice.

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