Roasting ProcessRoasting Process

RoasterJack coffee is always roasted to order to provide the ultimate in freshness.

Using two American-made drum roasters, our coffees are roasted to perfection by hand, every day of the week. From charge to drop (start to finish in roaster-speak) we monitor the progress of each batch in order to maintain the ultimate expression of each of our bean origins, all for you.


Roasting coffee RoasterJack's way

Our drum roaster is used to create all of our coffees. Drum roasting ensures even heat absorption through convection and contact with the drum. When the coffee reaches the proper degree of roast it is released into a cooling tray where it is quenched by forcing cool air through the batch and stirring. The coffee then gets bagged within one hour (Ensures the freshness)

During the roasting process, the following occurs:

  • Weight loss due to moisture loss (15%-25%)

  • Loss of caffeine content (10%-15%)

  • Carbon Dioxide production through "de-gassing" for up to six months. The Carbon Dioxide de-gassing is heaviest within the first 24 hours after roasting and decreases exponentially every 24 hours afterward.



Oxygen is what sabotages fresh coffee. Capturing this naturally occurring carbon dioxide from de-gassing, the coffee creates its own oxygen free environment. Using a one-way valve technology, we can ensure the best cup-quality that you can buy. Our coffee packages have an unopened shelf life of 90 days.

  • After opening, store in an airtight container at room temperature. Keep away from light and drastic changes in temperature or humidity.
  • NO FRIDGES OR FREEZERS! Coffee does not like drastic temperature change.
  • To maintain greatest flavor profile and cup quality, only open and store as much coffee as you will use in a one-week period.


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