From seed to cup, the journey of every coffee bean has a story.

RoasterJack does not promote or discriminate against coffees based on certifications. We source coffees we love, not ones based on what paperwork they arrive with. Our approach to offering fine coffee starts with the recognition that the best coffees come from people who care about what they're doing and what their impact will have once their harvest leaves the farm.



RoasterJack Sources Direct

In March of 2005, RoasterJack had his first opportunity to travel to origin in Mexico. It was an incredible experience  visiting the lush ecosystem that produces our Direct Relationship Coffees known as Terruño Nayarita. The entire tour was educational in the life cycle and production methods that create the level of quality that sustains this method of business on every level possible. From seed to cup, every aspect of the coffee growth cycle is assessed.

This particular harvest was severely diminished due to unseasonably heavy rains in the middle of the harvest cycle. Some farmers had lost up to 90% of their expected crop, and the coming days of the harvest were not looking good. However, the buying contracts put into place through the Direct Relationship model of Terruño Nayarita provided these growers with the income needed to maintain their livelihood. The crop went on to produce an incredible harvest of natural-process coffees that exceeded every quality expectation; yielding the only coffee RoasterJack has ever encountered that tasted of fresh green apple & pear.

Beyond the slopes of coffee trees, the city of Tepic houses the offices of Cafés Sustentables de Nayarit. This is the main processing point for all coffees to be roasted and cupped, determining which lots can be blended with others that are similar; and which ones are kept separate to receive the prestigious Reserva Label. The significance of these cuppings reinforces quality control throughout the seasons, as the Terruño Nayarita model guarantees the purchase of 100% of the growers’ harvest, with an additional financial bonus for every lot that receives a SCAA grade 1 Reserva assessment.

After RoasterJack was able to see the process with his own eyes and meet the people responsible for his joy of roasting, his devotion to this method of direct sourcing only grew stronger.  Year after year, the coffee continues to get better.


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